a s t a t e o f | FLOW

FLOW, also known as the zone, is the state in which a creator is fully immersed in its activity, feeling energized and focused. In other words, FLOW makes all difficult tasks enjoyable, when done with pleasure. Immensely beautiful and raw, the 250cm long oak counter top is elegantly rested on two delicate, but not fragile, glass legs. As in a state of FLOW, it looks like the 80kg counter top is gracefully and effortlessly floating on glass.

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Ash. The Alt e r e g o.

If strong essence is always held in small bottles, good design is always seen in the details. This 60 * 100 cm solid burned oak coffee table, will certainly start a conversation. And do not be fooled by it's size, it took all of our commitment, attention and skills to create this wonderful center piece.


GLASS - custom

MasSa is beyond everything, about your needs. This translates into a constant effort of designing and producing the best table for YOU. A remake of our already famous Glass perfectly transforms the kitchen into a dinning area. Made from solid oak with a 18mm glass leg, this table will, for sure, be your favourite hang out place in the house.


ASH. r e b o r n .

Like any legend, this table was reborn from its ashes in a precious design object. The oak countertop goes through a long process of manual burning, polishing and special wood treatments, up to the point when the last wood fiber becomes black. And to add preciousness to this materstepiece, it is supported by 5, seemingly fragile, solid copper legs. Dimensions: 180 cm x 80 cm Materials: Copper Oak


Steel.M y h e a r t a w a y

Supported by 5 geometric metal legs, the oak countertop is as raw as possible, allowing us to fall in love with all its beautiful, natural faults. With two extensions of 30 cm, Steel becomes the central piece of all family parties. Dimensions: 270 cm x 70 cm Materials: Metal, oak


Glass. n o t s o f r a g i l e

The design is an antithesis between fragility and hardness, between what appears to be brittle and is actually a pillar. Glass, this time supporting the structure of solid oak, gives the table a slender look. Versatile, Glass has two easy to mount solid oak, 30 cm extensions. Total size: 220 cm x 80 cm Materials: oak wood | glass.


Custom desires

Custom made tables as desired by the client. As usual, the main element is our favourite wood.